Secure That Fender Bag!

Secure That Fender Bag!

When you get a fender bag you are sure to see on the instructions to cut notches in your fender to secure the bag to the fender.  I did some asking around and many riders said that approach worked while other said their bags fell off on the rough stuff.  One guy said he’s fell off and he didn’t notice until miles later…. ouch!

So I took the advice of ADV’r “Crawdaddy” and put my fender bag on my bike where I wanted it.  Then drilled a small hole through the bag clips, then put a small zip-tie through the hole to secure the clips.  Now I know my bag won’t just fly off and there’s really no need to remove the bag while out on the trail.

  • Chris Luhman
    Posted at 14:34h, 03 January Reply

    That’s a great idea! I currently have my strapped to the tail and secured with zipties. I never thought of making a small hole and doing the same on the front.

    • Basher
      Posted at 14:44h, 03 January Reply

      Works great.. wish I would of thought of it.. haha.. and it really looks clean too!

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