Great River Ride – 2up!

Great River Ride – 2up!

Fellow rider & blogger Chris Luhman from has embarked on the Great River Ride adventure with his wife hanging on back.

Starting on Thursday, August 5, 2010, my wife and I will be riding my 2001 SV650 from the beginning of the Mississippi River to the end at the Gulf (or as close as the oil spill lets us get) by following the “Great River Road”. We have followed the northern part of this route a couple times now, and are excited to see the rest. The plan is then to ride north east through the Appalachians and then back up to Minnesota. – Chris

On Monday they where heading down along the Mississippi on Hwy 40/61 which runs right near my house, so I offered them a free stop at my place… in our Popup!  If we had a plush guest room it would of been theirs but the Popup is all we had and Chris & his wife gladly accepted our offer.

I was finishing setting up the Popup when I heard the sound of an SV650 coming down there street, turned around and there they were.. I was excited, raised my arms up in support of their journey.  It was great to finally meet Chris, I’ve followed his blog since I got my WR250R in Sept. 09.  We’ve flowed each others blogs and enjoyed each others helpful “how-to’s”.  I was hoping Chris was going to be a cool guy, and I was not let down.  We found out we have a lot in common and our wives hit it off great!  I think they could of talked all night/day long.

Unfortunately, my wife and I had previous engagements so we had to leave for a few hours but told our guests, “our house is your house, eat what you want, do laundry, shower.. whatever you need, have at it!”  When I got back home that night, Chris and I talked a while and got to know each other more before he hit the hay.

The next morning they got all geared up and were gone… headed south.  My wife & I enjoyed our time with our new friends and can’t wait to head up north to be guests at their place. It was our pleasure to have them at our place, we will be following the rest of their trip closely…be safe, my friends, be safe!

Our Wives
Heading Out

Ready to roll..
Day 6 2up!

As they pulled away, Chris’ wife yells back.. “See you in Minnesota!” Haha! Deal.
Have Trip!

Follow their trip here over on  It’s looks like they are seeing great country and having a ball!

  • Chris Luhman
    Posted at 08:27h, 24 August Reply

    Awesome write-up! It was great to meet you both! Thanks again for letting us stay with you.

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