Video: Convert Routes to Tracks

Video: Convert Routes to Tracks


OK.. Just learned you can totally skip some steps…

  1. In Mapsource, select the route you want to convert, then copy it to the clipboard. (Right-click on it and select ‘Copy’ or hit Ctrl+C)
  2. Now Open WinGDB3, click the ‘To clipboard menu’ button on the lower right.
  3. Clipboard conversion windows opens.. 11. is selected, hit ‘Convert to clipboard’
  4. Go back to Mapsource and hit Ctrl+V or Edit – Paste.. bam! Track is pasted into Mapsource.. You do not need to open a second Mapsource window.

This video should give you an idea of what I’m doing, but you do not need a second Mapsource application open!

I’ve gotten several questions on how I convert my routes I create in Mapsource to tracks, so I made this little How-to video. It’s my first screen capture video so they should get better in the future.

The convert utility I use is called WinGDB3.  You can convert routes to tracks and tracks to routes, as well as various others.  This video shows how to convert a route to a track quick and easy!

For best video quality, watch the HD version of this video.  Click ‘HD’ in the video player, then fullscreen it.



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