Versys Rear Rack : Thumbs Up!

Versys Rear Rack : Thumbs Up!

My wife and I are going on our first motorcycle adventure in 2 weeks so it was time to find a rear rack for the Versys. Since I do a lot of adventure trips on my WR250R I try to get gear that I can use on both bikes. So I quickly decided against a hard top case and opted for a rear rack that I can mount a Wolfman duffel to. My search lead me to this rack from a fellow rider on Kawasaki Versys forums. Get yours here. I really like the look, functionality and size of this rack. And it installs super easy, I only had one little issue because of my Corbin seat.

1. Remove the seat

2. Remove rear fairing push rivet

3. Remove rear fairing screw

4. With a 12mm socket, remove the passenger handles

5. Mine aligned with passenger handle bolts perfectly!

6. Using blue Loctite on all your bolts

7. Bolt the rack down

8. When I put my Corbin seat back on, I noticed the rear of the seat was hitting the rear rack just slightly enough that it would not latch down. So, I flipped the seat over and removed the seat latch

9. Placing a washer underneath the latch lifted it up just enough.

10. Put the latch back on and set the seat in place

11. Enjoy & ride…

I’ll post up a photo of the bike loaded up a bit later… the rack is super slick looking, great craftsmanship and fast shipping.  So far two thumbs up from Basher!

  • TraumaQueen
    Posted at 20:53h, 13 May Reply

    Thanks for posting this install! I’m looking forward to adding one of these racks to my V soon. : )

    • Basher
      Posted at 21:03h, 13 May Reply

      Great! I really like this rack, I did not want a lockable rear case because I want to share any bags I’d use between my bikes. And this rack works perfectly, looks amazing, just couldn’t ask for a better fit and design!

      Good luck…

  • Timothy Parsons
    Posted at 15:04h, 23 May Reply

    I really like your rack. How can I acquire one for my ’14 V 65 OH?

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