Motorcycle Police Training

Motorcycle Police Training

Last night I met up with a buddy who just got his first street bike.  The parking lot we met up at, to our surprise, had hundreds of cones setup for the local police motorcycle training. I’ve seen them run this course before and it didn’t look that hard from a far. Today, I would ride it on my own bike.  I must say, I was very surprised! The low speed cornering parts were almost impossible… you had to really lay the bike over to even make such a tight turn.  Then there were the tight figure-8 maneuvers.. wow.. after a few attempts I was getting better but still had to tap a foot or knock a cone over.

After riding this course and seeing visible signs of the police bikes scraping the pavement, I gained an even higher respect for their training & ability to ride such big bikes. Now, if it’d stop raining, I’d like to go practice on this course again.

Here’s a few videos of the police motorcycle training I’m referring to.. Yeah.. looks easy but believe me, it’s not!



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