WR250R: Ignition Key Mod

WR250R: Ignition Key Mod

I wanted to share this little modification I did on my ignition key in conjunction with my HDB top clamp setup. There’s been a few questions on the WR Mega Thread and I’ve received a few messages about this.

The Question:

“With your HDB setup on your WR250R, does the ignition key interfere with the  top clamp at all?”

The Answer:

“Only a tad but enough to cause a bit of fumbling when removing the key. I’ve never had an issue inserting the key, only removing it. So here’s what I did to resolve that and it works great!”

I used my Dremel to round the edge of the key off. The stock key comes to more of a point and this can cause you some aggravation when you try to insert the key. With gloves on it makes it even more frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, without any mod to the key you can still place the key in the ignition. This just makes it a bit smoother.

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