Rubbing Fork Guards?!

Rubbing Fork Guards?!

A fellow inmate and WRR owner, Jordan, reminded me of an annoying issue with the WR fork guards.. after time they can start to rub your fork seals!  Not good.. But thankfully there’s an easy fix to this issue. In my last post, I installed a pair of Shock Sox but forgot to mention is that I did mod my guards at this time. So here’s what you need to do…

  • Remove your fork guards, which is very easy, a couple of bolts and they’re off.
  • Place a guards in a vice or something similar to compress the curve of the guard, making it open up a bit more.  Shoot for around a half inch…
  • Using a propane torch or similar heat source, heat the guard up near the bend you are compressing.. get it nice and hot (but not too hot you melt the guard!)
  • Leave it in the vice to cool down and hold its new shape.
  • After cool down, place the guard back on the fork and see how it looks. Make sure its new curve is large enough not to rub your fork or seal, but not too large it rubs the tire!
  • Once you are happy… put your new Shock Sox on.. then replace the guard. I use blue loctite on the bolts.. then go riding!

So far my guards have stayed put and are not rubbing.. I can easily see if they are by inspecting the Shock Sox now.. works for me!

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