Campground Waypoints

Campground Waypoints

Need a place to camp while on your adventure trip? Well… so do I!  So many times I’d be on a trip and it was time to find a place to camp.. but where?  It’s either stealth camp in the middle of the woods or find a real campground on the quick.. To help in this endeavor, I spent some time on this awesome site, and created a few Mapsource files that includes ALL of the campgrounds in the database. Just as the site, I can’t guarantee every single campground is in these files, but there are a TON!

Check out the properties of the campground waypoint and many include additional information about the campground. See the included Camp-README.txt file for more details.

Feel free to download these files and use them on your next adventure!

What’s included in the download:

  • Camp-Canada.gdb – Several Canada campgrounds, especially bordering the US.
  • Camp-README.txt – PLEASE READ FILE as it gives details on the waypoints
  • Camp-US-NorthCentral.gdb
  • Camp-US-NorthEast.gdb
  • Camp-US-NorthWest.gdb
  • Camp-US-South.gdb
  • Camp-US-SouthWest.bdb


Waypoint Overviews

US – North Central:


US – North East:


US – North West:


US – South:


US – South West:


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