3 Step Hideaway // Grand Opening

3 Step Hideaway // Grand Opening

I’m so excited to announce the Grand Opening of my buddy Scott “DingWeeds” Stevenson’s ADV ranch, 3 Step Hideaway!

On our UTBDR trip last fall, we were fortunate to be able to check his place out and stay over for a night. If you are planning a ride on the UTBDR, Western TAT, COBDR or Moab.. you gotta stop by or stay the night at his place. It’s a great experience that any ADV’r will completely enjoy!

I was able to do his website for him and it’s now live, ready to accept reservations… So go take a visit and get your reservations in, it’s first come, first serve! Their Grand Opening is May 3, 2014 from noon to 4pm, so if you live out that way be sure to stop by.



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