Response from AltRider

Response from AltRider

AltRiderAs I mentioned in my AltRider Skid Plate review post for the BMW F800GS Adventure, AltRider is a company that wants to hear what us riders think of their products… I just received a response directly from AltRider regarding the questions & concerns I mentioned in my video. Below are the responses Mitch from AltRider was able to get from one of their designers and Jeremy the company president!

AltRider Designer:

As designed the skid plate does its job of protecting the lower engine case from obstacles that are ridden over. That’s it’s #1 job. It has a secondary function of protecting the oil filter and heat exchanger from rocks thrown up, and those areas are also vulnerable in certain situations when riding over logs and large rocks –still within the skid plate’s mission. We had to decide between its function and what the overall weight and size of it would be. Could have made it huge (like up to the lower edge of the radiator) but at some point have to stop and trim the design to what is functionally needed for the task.

AltRider President, Jeremy:

It’s due to the approach angle of front wheel. It would require a lot of geometry for that front header, which is not likely to get much action. Additionally there is the constant balance between lots of protection and weight.

Getting that response definitely helps me understand why the shape of the skid plate is what it is….  As well as confirm my hopes in the future products that AltRider produces. I told them to put me at the top of the list for their Upper Crash bars coming out later this year.  When I get them I’ll surely post up another review!

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