02. Divider Wall Part 2

02. Divider Wall Part 2

This Episode

  • Finish divider wall
  • Mount E-Track to wall

It’s been a long while, but I’m now posting the rest of my build. With the lower wall done, it’s time to build the top, which is the most difficult. Just like with the bottom, I used cardboard to build a template. Cut it out, then put it in place to see how it lined up. Using scissors I trimmed it up more and any places that I cut too much, just used painter’s tape to fill in the gap and re-cut. It worked great!

Before bolting the top piece, I installed a lower Unistrut piece to the bottom wall.

Transferring measurements from the ceiling roof line down to the top wall piece helped matching up the template as well…

After a few adjustments with the jig saw… she fit like a puzzle piece!

I was lucky enough to have a chat with an auto electrician near Perth when I was there and he mentioned using Unistrut, I tried that and it has worked out great.. not only for strengthening the divider wall but also to attach cargo to. I decided to mount upĀ e-Trailer E-Track. Using a 8′ long section, we mounted 4 – 2 foot sections.

A look from the cabin side..

Here’s the corners.. You don’t have to be perfect with these as I fill the gaps with expanding foam insulation.

Divider wall is complete..

Next up will be side walls in the cabin area..

03. Sidewalls & More Part 1

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