Sicass Front LED Replacement // KTM 3-Fiddy

Sicass Front LED Replacement // KTM 3-Fiddy

This post I’ll be installing Sicass Racing Front LED Turn Signals my 2017 KTM 350 EXC-F!

Sicass Racing Front LED Turn Signal Kit

For me the stock turn signals were just too big, and they would surely get ripped off the first trail ride out.. so I found a set that are exactly like the signals I had on my WR250R except they come from Sicass with stock wire connectors already on them. Once again from Sicass, truly plug-n-play…. keep reading!

Now, there are a few things that MUST be done to the EXC-Fs if you have gotten rid of all the bulb turn signals as I have. All my turn signals are now LEDs. The rear of my KTM has been replace with the PW Tail Kit which is awesome! A new flasher and a slight modification to the signal wiring. If you do not install the Indicator Wiring Kit, when you turn your signal on, ALL of your turn signals will flash at the same time.

Here’s the part numbers from Sicass Racing:

If you purchase these parts from Sicass Racing, they include color photo instructions which are pretty good. Here you will be able to see larger photos and see how even I completed this install!

The Indicator Wiring kit is needed because “the KTM EXC’s back-feed through the OEM indicator, this wiring kit corrects this issue and allows you to run LED turn signals and still use your stock turn signal indicator that is located on the dash board.”

I’ve installed all of this and it works without a hitch.. here’s a summary how-to of my installation.

1. New Flasher

First, take the headlight assembly off. Install the new flasher, simply unplug the stock flasher and plugin the new one.

Stock Flasher(top) New Flasher(bottom)

2. Mounting New Flasher

Here’s where I mounted the new flasher so it’s out of the way.. has worked very well to. Simply remove one of the headlight screws and attach the new flasher with the mounting screw!

Mount to back of headlight

3. Indicator Wiring Kit

Here’s the parts included in the wiring kit. You will need some crimpers and wire cutters. If you plan to solder, nows a good time to get it heated up!

What's included in the kit

4. Installing Wiring Kit

This install is not a plug-n-play, you need to be comfortable with wiring, crimping, etc. I solder all of my connectors just for that extra assurance. Don’t worry the instructions Sicass includes are pretty good with color photos. But I thought I’d show my steps as well.

Remove Headlight Assembly

5. Remove Indicator Bulb

Grab the black gromet at the bottom of the indicator and the bulb will come out.

Pull the bulb down from the dash indicator.

6. Bulb Removed

Here is the bulb out of the socket, just be careful when pulling on these wires as they are very small gauge.

Bulb removed from socket.

7. Indicator Bulb Wiring

Following the bulb wiring down, a purple and black wire. With scissors, slice the wiring housing up about 2″ or so. You need to expose the wiring to cut it and add terminals to it.

Pull the bulb down from the dash indicator.

8. Cut Black Wire

Cut the BLACK wire about 3″ from the base of the bulb and grommet.

Don't cut the wrong wire!

9. Terminate Black Wire

With the wire cut, slide the included rubber insulator boot on the wires FIRST! A female connector is terminated on the bike side & male connector is terminated to the bulb side.

Male connector to bike side.

10. Solder Black Wire

Optionally, you can solder the connectors. I like to do this on all my electrical connections just to be sure I won’t be on the trail and a wire come loose.

Soldered connector.

11. Connect Y to Black

Now connect one of the yellow male connectors on the included YELLOW wiring to the black female connector you just terminated on the bike side. Slide the insulation boots over the connector.

Female bike side to Y connector.

12. Connect Ground Ring Wire

Connect the included ground wire with the ring connector on it to the black wire on the bulb side you just terminated. Slide the insulation boots over the connector.

Ring connector to black bulb side.

11. Cut & Terminate Purple Wire

Take the purple wire from the bulb and cut it just like the black wire. Terminate a female connector on the bike side and a male connector on the bulb side. Optionally, solder the connectors to the wire.

Connect the other YELLOW male connector on the Y wire to the purple female connector.

Connect Y to purple wire.

12. Connect Red Wire

Next, connect the red wire at the end of the yellow Y wire to the purple wire on the bulb side. Slide the insulation boots over the connector.

Below you can see all of the wires connected.

Connect red wire to purple wire.

13. Tape Up Connections

To protect the connectors and wiring from the elements, I wrapped the kit up with electrical tape.

This also helps isolate the wiring and is less of a rats nest behind the headlight assembly.

Nice and neat!

14. Finally, Ground It!

The wire ring must be ground to the bike. I ground mine to the mounting bolt of the voltage regulator on the left side of the frame. Make sure you allow for enough slack to allow the bars to turn fully in both directions.

Connect red wire to purple wire.

That’s it! Test everything, make sure its working correctly. Carefully tuck your wires up and reinstall the headlight assembly… Now those turn signals will be enough for the little street riding this bike will see and won’t get broken the first drop! Ride Safe!

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