2009 Chevy Express 2500 Extended

Purchase Date:

August 8, 2013



Favorite Mods:

Custom Fuse Panel

MotoVan at 3 Step

8.8.13 - Day I Bought It



YEP… I’ve heard them all… every candy van joke I’ve heard it! But that still doesn’t keep me from thoroughly love’n my van! Besides.. I bet you didn’t know its the new thing, just Google “van life” or search Instagram hashtag #vanlife. Heck, I’ve even thought about selling the house and living in this thing..


So why the van.. well, for me it’s been perfect. My family and I take lots trips out to our property where we ride our dirt bikes, and being able to throw the bikes in the back of the van quickly and easily, is just awesome. As well as being able to load up all our gear, have four seats for the whole family, and cruise extremely comfortable, I just don’t think for the price I paid, there’s a better vehicle for the job.


Yea, you could throw it in the back of a truck, but then there’s weather, people stealing your motos, and the ease of loading!! I can have my bike ready to roll in about 2 minutes or less.


My buddy and I took the MotoVan out to Utah for a week long trip of dirt bike riding and it performed perfectly, a 2,400 mile trip. Two guys with bikes, gear, extra tires, tools, cooler, you name it.


But… if you plan on building a MotoVan.. do it right! Take your time. RESEARCH! There’s so much information on the interwebs now. You’ll have lots of fun planning and building your van for many adventures to come.


Below you will find all my build posts… hopefully this will help others as well as spark your own ideas for your build. Enjoy!

My MotoVan Build Posts