.snow Video // 60fps Slowmo Testing

.snow Video // 60fps Slowmo Testing

Having the gear to produce video is one thing, but knowing how to use them is another!  Then there’s everything involved in post-production, editing footage is another huge task in itself. But the good thing is, you get better with practice and learning more about film. I’m so thankful for a great video community to learn from!

Here’s a little video I worked on to learn more about slow motion with the my cameras. What better to do on a blizzard day than getting the gear out and do some testing! This is not meant to be a serious, emotional piece of work.. haha!

Shot in 60fps on the T2i & GoPro HD and post edited with Final Cut Pro, Motion 3, Cinema Tools and always a little color correction. I still need to work on white balancing a bit more.

Canon T2i/550D . 50mm f1.8 . 1/1000 1280x720p 60fps
GoPro HD . 1280x720p 60fps

Music by Karen Marie Garret “Vinot and the Sea Bird”

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