DRZ400 Wiring Grip Heaters

DRZ400 Wiring Grip Heaters

Last Saturday I spent all day helping my buddy, Aaron, get his 2001 DRZ400S ready for our TMOT trip in May.  One of the things he wanted to get installed were a set of Symtec Grip Heaters.  Since I’ve installed them on both my WR250R and Versys, I offered to wiring them up for him.

On both my bikes I have an Eastern Beaver 3 Circuit Solution so wiring is pretty simple.  On this DRZ there’s no 3CS(probably later), so I needed a relay and a fuse for the grip heaters. We got a standard 30 Amp four terminal relay from the local auto parts store. You can use a 5 terman, terminal 87 will also have an 87a. If you use this type, just insulate terminal 87a as you won’t be needing it.

Another little thing I did was used an extra Eastern Beaver quick connector I had laying around on the battery connection, this way he can add, for example, a Powerlet to charge his phone on the road when the grip heaters aren’t being used.


Here’s a photo under the seat after installation was complete:

Aaron made a mount for the rocker switch, it worked out very nicely:

Here’s how I wired it all up.  Hopefully this will help others out there…

Printable PDF version HERE.

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