07. Second Battery

07. Second Battery

This Episode

  • Install battery box
  • Install battery isolator relay
  • Install battery box
  • Run battery cable to second battery

Every MotoVan/VanCamper should have a second auxiliary battery to run electrical accessories. So… here’s my setup..

Where to mount the battery? I did not want it in the cabin or cargo area as there could be potential danger if an accident happened, so I found a battery mount that mounts underneath on the frame. Many trucks with wenches will run this battery box setup and I felt it would work for my needs. It does hang down a bit, so if you go off-roading (which I do not) just be aware.

If you are a welder you could simply purchase a RV battery box and make the mount. Since I’m not I purchased mine from Amazon and had my friend who was coincidentally working on his Crown Vic lift kit to come and help me install it.

RV Trailer Camper Electrical Hidden Power Battery Mount TORK LIFT A7703

Smart Dual Battery 140A Isolator Kit by Jaycorptech.com.

Box mounted on the frame..

Battery box on the mount..

Time to run the wire from the vehicle battery back to the box.. Again, I put the cable in wire loom to make pushing battery wire through the loom, use the magic of WD40!!

Positive wire connections to isolator…

To accommodate two positive battery connections, I had to get a bit creative with the battery post.. The local auto parts store had the post but had to cut the housing a bit to make it work..

I mounted the isolator near the battery under the hood..

All lit up (Yamaha Blue!) when the isolator is charging the second battery…

Q: What is the purpose of the blue LED inside of the isolator?
A: The blue LED being lit indicates the isolator has connected both battery banks together for charging. This will
happen when the voltage at the isolator reaches 13.4 volts.
Once the charging source has been removed the isolator will separate the battery banks and turn off the blue
*Note: In some configurations it may take up to 15 minutes for the blue LED to turn off after the charging source
has been removed. This is normal and does not indicate an issue.

Isolator Install Manual

Running the cable from the battery over to the left wheel well..

Where the wire loom passes down the side of the wheel well, I wrapped it real good with Aluminum Foil Self-Adhesive Repair Tape.

Just took these photos as you can see the battery box and circuit breaker mounted.

Close-up of the circuit breaker after more than a year in service. I’ve used it a couple times to kill all power going to the the van accessories for maintenance. Nice to know all power is killed and I don’t have to unplug battery cables.. ugh!

Ground wire attached to the van frame…

Hot wire goes to the fuse panel in the fuse box which then feeds all the separate circuits. Each leg is fused individually, I have complete confident in my setup and I’ve been using it for over a year now with no issues. It’s worked awesome!

These little babies get a lot of use!

The rear ports we use a lot to charge Sena headsets and GoPro batteries. The cabin ports have been great for my boys when we are taking a ride to the trails, they can charge their electronics.

In the next post, it’s time for sleeper finishes…. removable seats, sleeper and custom window screens!

08. Finishing the Cabin (coming soon)

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