IMS Tank Version 2 // KTM 3-Fiddy

IMS Tank Version 2 // KTM 3-Fiddy

IMS 4.5 Version 2 Tank

As many of you 2017 KTM 350 EXC-F owners know or you read my previous post, “IMS Tank Woes“, the first version of the IMS 4.5 gal tank for the 350 did NOT fit on the bike without removing the thermostat. Please read that post for all the details.

A few days ago, I received a response from Daniel Carlos from IMS to contact their general manager, Chris Hardin. So that’s what I did.. I spoke with Chris on the phone regarding the issue with the tank as well as IMS’ lack of response to the issue back in May. He apologized for the issues I experienced and kindly offered to send me their latest version of the tank, I gladly accepted his offer. It was great to hear a company “man-up” to the mistake, take ownership and make it right with their customer… it’s hard to come by these days!! Great job IMS!

Below are some photos of the tank installed on the bike. I will be tanking a ride with this tank and determine which I prefer while in the saddle.


As far as fitment on the bike… I’d say it is very, very good. You will see in the photos there is a difference between how the IMS and Acerbis sit on the bike and where each store fuel.

Tank Placement

Stock Shrouds Installed

Seat Installed

Tank Mounting

Comparison Views

IMS Top View

Acerbis Top View

IMS Side View

Acerbis Side View

IMS Bike View

Acerbis Bike View

Stay Tuned…

I’m going to get some seat time in on the IMS and report back who I think wins battle of the 350 EXC-F gas tanks.. IMS vs. Acerbis!

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  • Adam M
    Posted at 19:31h, 12 August Reply

    Just as I bought my tank from slavens:( it’s on back order. So benefits of the ims tank… more capacity, cheaper, and has brass inserts. Really interested in how you like this tank… I I might be calling slavens Monday morning to try and stop the order. Thanks basher!

    • Basher
      Posted at 22:11h, 12 August Reply

      So they both are good tanks, the Acerbis color is a bit better, and they look of the gas cap and base looks cool. Right now… I’m leaning to the IMS, mainly because of the brass inserts, tank bag fitment for ADV rides and the extra capacity. If only the IMS was the color of the Acerbis, but then again, the IMS is easier to see gas levels than the Acerbis too….

    • Basher
      Posted at 22:13h, 12 August Reply

      BTW… I think I have a Acerbis for sale at a good price 🙂

  • Curtis Jones
    Posted at 20:29h, 12 August Reply

    Nice comparison will be keen to hear your final views. Would appreciate some comments regarding tank bad fit… which tank handles a tank bag better.

    • Basher
      Posted at 22:12h, 12 August Reply

      The IMS I feel fits a tank bag better because you can slide it up almost on the gas cap… so definitely the IMS wins there.

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