F800GSA // Heed Crashbar Install

F800GSA // Heed Crashbar Install

Heed Crashbar Installation

Read my previous post on why I chose the Heed Crashbars over others. Let’s jump right in to the installation, despite the “OK” instructions provided, I found a few changes made it easier to install. Sorry.. I didn’t clean my GSA before the installation!

Tools Needed:

  • T50 Torx bit
  • T45 Torx bit
  • T25 Torx bit
  • 17mm socket
  • 13mm socket
  • Blue Loctite


Remove existing stock side bars using a T45 Torx bit

BMW seemed to put some thread sealer on these bolts. After removal I had to clean a bit of it off for the new bolts to start threading easier.

Remove top bolt from stock guards.

Next remove the center Torx bolts under the radiator with a T25. Once these are moved the two bars will come apart. Just be careful not to scratch your engine when working with them.

Stock guards removed!

Bring on the protection! See the comparison in size…

Now we are ready to begin installing the Heed bars.. first install the bottom bracket using M10/30mm bolts provided with a 13mm socket. I put blue Loctite on all of my bolts.  Just put them on about half way for now. This will allow room to move the bracket to match up with the crashbars easier.

The instructions say to put the bottom bolts on the crashbars first, but I found it much easier to install in this order:

  1. Frame bolts
  2. Bottom bracket connector bolts
  3. Bottom side bolts
  4. Top bracket connector bolts


Install Right Crashbar

Grab a small screw driver and remove the plastic circular cover over the frame bolts. It comes off easy. Get your Heed right crashbar and the M10/110mm bolt ready. NOTE: the right side bolt is longer than the left. Using a T50 Torx bit, remove the frame bolt noted as #1. On the right side, there is a spacer between the frame and block, so be ready to hold it in place as you swap out the Torx bold with the Heed bar and bolt. Just get the bolt on half way or so.

Now connect the right crashbar to the bottom bracket at #2, half way again. Next you can move on to the bottom side bolts at #3. On the right side, both bottom bolts have black spacers that will go between the block and crashbar.

Install Left Crashbar

Follow the same steps on the left crashbar install.  Remove the frame T50 Torx bolt, since this side is shorter, I had to use a small hook to get the bolt out.

Note: the bottom bolts at #3 on the right side, only the left bolt, closest to the front wheel, has a black spacer.

Once you have both right & left crashbars attached at location #1, #2, & #3, it’s time to install the top bracket. It will mount to the crashbars on the top mounts and should install fairly easy as the holes are slotted.

Now we are ready to tighten all the bolts up. I believe I tightened up in the same order I installed them, leaving the top bracket last. Once you snug up the bolts you can see how sturdy these crashbars become, with TWO cross brackets, instead of one like other brands.

Heed gives you these nice little bolt covers, but I’m not sure how long the will last. Guess you could put some silicon on them to hold them on… maybe I’ll do that.

And here’s a few installed photos…

Crashbars do not interfere with leg room sitting or standing!

Final Thoughts

Fit and finish are top notch, everything installed with ease and they look awesome! I’m very happy with the Heed F800GS Adventure Crashbars, and they offer the best protection at the best price.

When adding oil with the crashbars a funnel will be needed.. not an issue for me, just wanted to throw that out there…

Heed F800GS Adventure Crashbars = BASHER APPROVED!


  • George Madaris
    Posted at 19:18h, 03 April Reply

    I just installed the Heed crash bars on my 2015 BMW f800GSA, using your instructions. The instruction sheet that came with the bars were vague at best. It couldn’t have been easier, doing it your way. Thank you!

    • Basher
      Posted at 22:52h, 03 April Reply

      Thank you so much George.. it’s always my hope that someone finds this information useful! I bet you are enjoying your F800GSA as much as I am.. great bike.. and now we got them protected!

      Ride Safe!

  • Joel B Sears
    Posted at 20:18h, 03 June Reply

    What skid plate are you using?

  • Kjell Bencsik
    Posted at 07:33h, 22 September Reply

    Just installed the Heed on my 2015 F800 GSA, they look great. Solid and good fitment. 🙂

  • Shaun
    Posted at 20:40h, 25 January Reply

    Just received and installed my Heed bars today on my ’15 GSA. Excellent product! And for the price – just no argu,met as to why I chose them.

    Thanks for your guidance and instructions.


    • Basher
      Posted at 09:32h, 26 January Reply

      Hey Shaun.. great to hear you dig the Heed bars, they have been great!! Great quality and great product.. a hidden gem right! Ride safe!

  • Yannig
    Posted at 07:11h, 01 September Reply

    Hi Basher – What torque settings did you use for the m10 in to the front of the block, either side of the exhaust headers? I’ve looked everywhere online and can’t find anything!! I’ll be fitting my bars tomorrow and will be following your instructions for sure!

    • Basher
      Posted at 10:03h, 01 September Reply

      Hey Yannig… well I didn’t use a torque wrench, probably shame on me.. but I stopped using one of those for most things years ago, they got me in trouble a few times because they were not breaking at the right torque… been through two torqure wrenches and they both had issues…

      I’m not endorsing not using a torque wrench I’m just stating what happens in my garage.. ! 😀

      Ride Safe!


  • Tobias
    Posted at 16:44h, 02 January Reply

    Sorry thath almost all pictures on this interessting side has ”dissapered”.

    • Basher
      Posted at 08:18h, 11 January Reply

      Sorry about that!!! The issues is fixed now!

      Thanks for letting me know!

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